Allyn Burrows. Photo courtesy of Shakespeare and Company.

Allyn Burrows will soon have to satisfy over 600,000 people. As the newly appointed artistic director of Shakespeare and Company, he will oversee all of the programming, workshops, and community programs for one of the largest, year round Shakespeare festivals in the country.

Lisa Edelstein

Ever watch a show and become so enthralled by the characters that you start to feel as if you’re one of them? There are many aspects that can contribute to this, relation to one of the story lines, the adrenaline rush from the drama and of course our favorite… the costume designs. Yes, the costume design of any show can inspire us in many ways.

Credit: No Fun Facebook

Ernest Hemmingway once said a “A man is nothing without a Harpoon and a bar that he can call home”….well I agree but he should added Mexican food into that somehow . At least that’s how I feel after my visit to No Fun in the Lower East Side.

Mark Felt
Photo by Ben Strothmann

Numerous books and articles have been written about Watergate, the 1970s political scandal that toppled former President Richard Nixon and many within his cabinet. The infamous Republican break-in at the Democratic National Committee further compromised American’s already shaky integrity of our U.S. government, led to an unprecedented resignation of a sitting president and sent many high profile individuals to jail. It certainly was not a historical event worth singing about—unless you’re Joshua Rosenblum.

Hot Toddy
Credit: Angry Orchard

Today marks National Hot Toddy Day, and no, I’m not talking about Hot Toddy at the local gay bar.  This is typically a mixed drink made of liquor and water with honey (or, in some recipes, sugar), herbs (such as tea) and spices, and served hot.  To celebrate, some of the best restaurants and mixologists have crafted their own version of what makes a Hot Toddy so great!

Osteria Morini
Credit: Osteria Morini

Last night, shielded away from the cold outside on Lafayette St, in the cozy, rustic interior of a barn disassembled and transported from Emilia-Romagna, Italy, I had a truly inspirational and special pasta.  One that was unlike any that I had ever experienced.  The Spallina, a tiny double ravioli, with equal portions of squacquerone cheese and rabbit confit, each in its own pillow, conjoined and giving each bite a burst of contrasting and complimentary flavor. First the delicious meatiness of the rabbit and then the soft mellow taste of the cheese.  Each Spallina was a bite savored.

Walker Hotel
Credit: Donna Dotan Photography

With the winter weather upon us, it is always good to walk through the Manhattan streets and find something that provides a great amount of beauty and sophistication.  Walker Hotel, located in the heart of Greenwich Village on W. 13th Street, is a perfect example of this and so much more.  I checked in this past weekend to experience it all, and I’ll tell you why you should as well.

Empire Steak House
Credit: Empire Steak House

Empire Steak House, with two different locations sprawled throughout Manhattan, is proof that sometimes the classics are what’s best in the Big Apple.  We found ourselves at the Midtown East location this past Saturday night, where myself and a friend were treated to some delicious steak, seafood, ambiance and more to make the overall experience really something special.

Burke & Wills
Credit: Burke & Wills

The city of Manhattan is known for its eclectic everything, and that of course includes cuisine.  One type of cuisine that is not that common here is from the “land down under“, otherwise known as Australia.  Burke & Wills, nestled in the heart of the Upper West Side right off the 1 train at 79th Street, shines in this category by bringing Australian influences to the greatest city in the world.  Yesterday, we tried their fabulous brunch fare, and were introduced to all of this and so much more.

Credit: STUNTMANpr

My favorite kind of cuisine, if I had to choose, would be Italian as it was one I was raised on and enjoyed in many different formats. Allora, a brand new location in Midtown East, takes this form of cuisine and elevates it to such heights that you are left with a huge smile on your face upon your exit.  With personalities from their staff that are larger than life, great dishes, beautiful ambiance and more, Allora is definitely one of the spots you must try in 2017 and beyond.